ef5ев щитовой вулкан - это большие, широкие вулкан с мелкой-покатыми боками. Название происходит от перевода "Skjaldbreiður", в Исландии щитовой вулкан, чье имя означает "широкий щит"," от его напоминает щит воина. Эд

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Shield volcanoes are formed by lava flows of low viscosity — lava that flows easily. Consequently, a volcanic mountain having a broad profile is built up over time by flow after flow of relatively fluid basaltic lava issuing from vents or fissures on the surface of the volcano. Many of the largest volcanoes on Earth are shield volcanoes. The largest in terms of area covered is Mauna Loa of Hawaii; the tallest measured from its base under the ocean, however, is Mauna Kea of Hawaii. All the volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands are shield volcanoes.