Volcanic Ash UK airports closed and European airports closed; UK Flights Cancelled, news and up to date comment site.

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A Volcano Ash cloud from Iceland Volcano (Eyjafjallajokull) blowing across northern Europe severely disrupting air traffic across the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and the rest of Western Europe. All flights in British airspace suspended, grounding thousands of planes across european airports, including those at the world’s busiest international airport London Heathrow. The ash is dangerous to aircraft due to tiny particles damaging engines, causing them to shut down. The Volcanic Ash can also damage the fuselage plus wing bodywork and cockpit windows.

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The volcanic ash event will continue to affect Europe moving forward from April 2010 if the Volcano in Iceland (Eyjafjallajokull) continues to erupt. There is high potential that this could last a week, a month of possible even a year or more. Europe may need to completely rethink air space policy.

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